Want to feed your toddler a plant-based diet without having to get a degree in nutrition?

Would you like to create easy, toddler-friendly meals the rest of your family will love too?


I bet no one told you how challenging it would be to feed a toddler. That challenge is even greater if you’re raising a plant-based child. Fortunately, the right mentor and guide can help you be a boss at feeding your plant-based toddler the safe and easy way.

I’m Heidi, a pediatric nurse and mama of 4. I’m passionate about plant-based nutrition for babies and toddlers. I LOVE helping mamas and want to make it EASY for you feed your toddler.

Think of this website as your “go-to” for all things related to feeding your plant-based toddler with me as your guide.

Here you’ll discover…

  • Toddler-friendly plant-based recipes

  • Evidence-based nutrition information

  • Tips on feeding picky toddlers