Who am I?

I'm  Heidi, a primary care pediatric nurse and a mama of many.

I love helping mamas care for their tiny newborns and their great big teenagers--and everyone in between.

Why I created Leafy Vibe

I created Leafy Vibe to make it easier for you (plant-based and vegan mamas) to feed your babies and toddlers nutritious, plant-based meals, and to help you ensure your little one is getting all the nutrients she needs.

  I hope to give you peace of mind that your little one can THRIVE on a plant-based diet!

Why am I qualified to help you?

  • I'm a Pediatric RN (registered nurse) and I LOVE ♥ mamas & children!

  • I'm a Health Educator with a bachelor's degree in Health Education with emphasis in Health & Fitness Promotion

  • I'm an experienced plant-based mama of 6, and grandma of 2 plant-based toddlers

  • I've studied Plant-Based Nutrition and Transformative Nurse Coaching

  • I love to cook and meal-prep and have been meal-prepping for many, many years, before meal-prep was a “thing”, lol!

What change am I hoping to make in the world?

In the past,  as a cardiac nurse and community health nurse,  I've witnessed far too much chronic disease, disability and death from years of poor lifestyle choices.

Because of this, I'm on a mission to help families prevent this kind of unnecessary suffering and loss of quality of life-especially in our children. 

I know we can do better!

I hope you'll consider me your friend, mentor and partner in your plant-based journey.

I'm here to help you grow your little ones into healthy big ones!