Vegan Toddler Snacks: 5 Plant Milks Your Toddler Will Love

Hey toddler mama, I think you’ll like these new, fun, nutritionally boosted plant-milks. They’re full of antioxidants nutrition of fruits and veggies.

Best of all, your toddler will drink them happily.  

These plant-milks are not smoothies.  They’re slightly creamy and barely sweet.

 They’re an easy and fun way to get extra nutrients into your little one. And good for mamas too!

Your little one will LOVE the pretty colors and the yummy taste.

And you’ll love that these milks are all natural, plant-based and have no refined sugars.

These milks are not a replacement for your toddler’s regular breastmilk or formula. Consider them a healthy, nutrient rich toddler treat or snack.


strawberry milk optimized.png

On a side note… Do you know how to make date paste? It’s a soft, creamy all natural sweetener you can use a much of your cooking. You can use a tablespoon in place of a date. It blends in to any recipe easily. Directions for date paste in the FREE HEALTHY TODDLER SNACKS EBOOK. Just click to download now.

What else can you do with these fruit & veggie plant milks?

  • Pour in your toddler’s cup

  • Pour over cereal or oatmeal

  • Blend with chia seeds for yummy flavored pudding

  • Freeze into popsicles

  • Use it to make boosted muffins and pancakes

  • Make it with full fat coconut milk for extra fat and calories for your little one

You might just want some too!

Be sure to read all the way to the end for a SPECIAL TREAT JUST FOR MAMAS!!


I didn’t forget you, mama!

Blend this up for yourself during your little one’s nap-time today.

You deserve it!

Coffee Banana Cooler

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Heidi Masanga